Imagine saving 75% on heating costs worldwide

Imagine saving 75% on heating costs worldwide

Imagine the impact of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25%

AeraDIGM Technology

We deliver a 75% reduction for home and building heating and cooling costs. This site-specific AeraDIGM incentive pays for world-wide adoption by individual home and business owners. AeraDIGM savings alone will pay the world to move one quarter of the way to the Paris Accord’s 2050 goal for greenhouse gas reduction.

AeraDIGM replaces fans with pumps. Using the same mass flow of air required by a vapor-compression system as the refrigerant itself, what was a “loss” for a compressor becomes a “gain” in refrigeration. And thermodynamic efficiency (COP=Heat moved/Work required) skyrockets as pressure ratios are reduced. (More info)

How Does This Compare...

Cost of compression vs. moving air

Click here for more details about leveraging the efficiency of plain air compared with a more traditional and inefficient approach to exchanging heat.

Air: The Next Gen Refrigerant

Air Is Efficient

The coefficient of performance of plain air is often the best available. Read about how we use this information to change the way heat is managed.

Paris Climate Change Agreements demand emissions cuts of 50% by 2050, but fail to define any plan or commitment. AeraDIGM alone can deliver 25% of the goal without coercion.

HVAC operation typically runs 30%-50% of home and building operating costs. With AeraDIGM technology those costs can be cut to 9%-19% respectively.

Plug-and-Play replacement of existing unit, major costs savings for the same service, and a technology that will pay for itself within the lifetime of the unit.

The long standing belief in two-phase refrigerants must not trump their newly patented replacement by ambient air.
Driven by decades of experience in manufacturing and a passion for new ideas, the AeraDIGM team solves a perennial problem by re-framing the problem and developing an entirely new solution.

Who we are

Team leadership proven over decades of manufacturing, financial, and project management.

A distinguished leader of organizational change driven by performance measurement.

Has been a key co-inventor, bringing the highest level research skills.

Co-Inventor with a diverse background in electronics and software engineering.

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